Reliving your wedding as a guest is a truly unique experience. Jenni and Ashley got married at the Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham in January 2019, a beautiful location and it was a beautiful wedding. We were so pleased and honoured to be a part of their special day.

We were there for the entire duration, capturing the venue before guests arrived right through to the last dance. 360° video allows you to watch your memories back and choose where you look. Rather than being forced to see what ever a cameraman points their camera at, our camera captures the entire 360° view around it so you can look around as well. It’s like watching it back through the eyes of a guest, you become them and can control their head to watch the ceremony or any other guest within view. You’ll see something new every time you watch the video back, take a look at the videos from Jenni and Ashley’s wedding to see what we mean.

Videos provided:

Our professional 360° camera records in 8k resolution, which when uploaded to YouTube, future proofs your memories. As technology improves you’ll always get the highest quality video playback.

As all of our 360° videos are shot in 3D the memories become even more immersive and real when viewed in a virtual reality (VR) headset. We can build a package to include a headset, ensure it’s set up correctly and prepare your videos for optimal playback. When viewed back in the headset, you look around in any direction and it feels like you’re actually there, you could almost reach out and touch people.

Get in touch to learn more and capture your wedding memories from the perspective of a guest. Prices start from just £200 and you can build the package which works to your budget.

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