Kingfisher Treasure Seekers (KTS) is an organisation supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people to become ‘the best version of themselves’.

We worked closely with the organisation to identify how 360° media could enhance they’re business listings, as well as help vulnerable people feel comfortable attending their locations. The KTS have a few different locations and business types in the middle of Gloucester town centre and offer an invaluable service to people in that area. By adding virtual tours to their website and Google listings we’ve been able to put people at ease when visiting, they can look around before they arrive, not worry about which way they need to go and how to get to certain areas (you’ll be surprised how large the behind the scenes area is a KFT). They also offer business and money raising activities which help fund the work they do, and by making it easier for supporters to view their locations it has enabled then to really show off their service offering.

Services provided:

It was a great experience for us as well as the KTS, we’re proud to have been a part of this project and helping to support the great work they do in the Gloucester community.

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